Who am I?

Amelia Jull –


Consulting Human Capital

2016 Graduated


Graduated from University of Otago with a Bachelor of Commerce LLB majoring in Finance.

I got to try something new

“After 4 months with the indirect team I realised I wanted to do something more people focused. I was lucky that the graduate recruiter position had just become available and I got the role.  Deloitte recognised that this was important to me and helped me to take my career in a different direction.”

2018 Grad recruitment


“As the Graduate Recruiter you are the face of the company and usually the first person graduates meet. This was a big responsibility and I had the opportunity to help graduates figure out if Deloitte was the right place for them.”

2018 Transferred to Consulting Human Capital


“Due to my Graduate Recruiter role I found I was drawn to the work Consulting do. I had proven myself as the Graduate Recruiter and wanted to go back into client facing work. Again Deloitte were supportive.”

2018 Admitted to the Bar


“I’m glad I did it (Law Professionals). I am certainly using the skills from my law degree. Processing huge amounts of material in a short amount of time.”

Now What's next?


“What’s next for me?  Build up my network and skills, but ultimately go on secondment with Deloitte to the UK or Europe.”

Deloitte supported me to change the direction of my career twice and I took those opportunities.