Anthony Greer

Anthony Greer
Forensic, Risk Advisory

2009 I moved from New York to Auckland


I moved to Auckland from New York in 2009, completing high school here, and spending my first year of university in Boston. Growing up as a dual citizen has given me an appreciation for both the unique opportunities New Zealand provides, and the diversity this nation embraces.

2018 Graduated from the University of Auckland


“Studied Statistics and Computer Science”

2018 November


“I have always been fascinated by the intersection of technology and data.”

2019 Nominated for a firm wide award


Last year, I was stoked be a Gold Bravo Nominee for one of our values, Manaaki – taking care of each other. It’s fantastic to be part of a team that recognises each other formally and informally. This lends to the supportive culture at Deloitte that allows people to grow as a member of the team and as a person.

The most exciting thing I’ve done so far

Forensic is very exciting space to work in. Having to pick a single highlight would be executing a High Court Search Order, which involved the raiding of a suspect’s address, seizing, and forensically extracting the collected digital evidence.

Team traditions

I enjoy our team tradition of “Fried Chicken Friday” we are blessed to be sandwiched between KFC Fort St and the soon to be opened Taco Bell on Shortland St.

Learning curve

Learning the bespoke tools and platforms used in Discovery / Forensics presents a steep learning curve, but being able to leverage the expertise of a highly collaborative team locally and globally makes the journey less daunting.