Who am I

Dee Renai

Senior Consultant


2017 Masters completed & started at Deloitte


I completed a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Engineering Management at the University of Canterbury. Although I didn’t come through the traditional grad programme channels, I was a part of all of the trainings and awesome things the Deloitte has to offer within your first year.

2018 Travel


Deloitte is a supportive employer and I was approved 6 weeks leave to travel Europe.

2019 Recognition


I was Employee of the Month in the Christchurch office and won 2 Bravo Awards for a piece of work I was supported to develop and lead by myself, Bravos are our reward system for a job well done

2019 Consulting@Deloitte


Due to the nature of consulting work we are often working on different programmes with different clients in different locations locally and all around New Zealand. This has allowed for me to become exposed to multiple clients within industry and really grow myself and my knowledge and understanding across a broad scope.

2019 Promotion


I was promoted to Senior Consultant in December 2019, given more responsibility and more opportunities to grow. The clear progression available is one of the reasons Deloitte is a great place to work.

Why you should join Deloitte

The people here are seriously what makes Deloitte. When you have a team who are equal parts friends equal parts colleagues, it makes the environment epic to work in and makes any tough work a breeze. The culture here is great!