Who am I?

Eva Sherwood –

Associate Director,


2007 Graduated


Graduated from Victoria University with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Psychology and a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Management.

Entry into the Tech industry

“My interest in technology stemmed from a part-time job I had whilst studying with an IT company called Frond.  I started out as a finance assistant, then became a software tester, before moving into a sales role.”

2009 Travel


“I left Frond for a period to travel and see the world. I travelled through South East Asia and the UK, however due to the GFC, it was difficult finding work so I decided to return to NZ.”

2012 I'm making an impact that matters


“RSPCA – my other passion. I have been a volunteer for the RSPCA for 9 years. In 2012, I was awarded the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee medal for my work with the RSPCA.”

I'm a woman working in technology

I'm a woman working in technology

“As the Chair of Tech Women I want to change industry perceptions that women can’t be technical.  One of the biggest benefits of working in the technology field is the variety of work and amazing opportunities to grow and develop.”

2018 I didn't start my career with Deloitte


Joined Deloitte as a Manager.

“My journey with Deloitte so far has been extraordinary. Consulting is a very trust orientated, autonomous environment where I am given the freedom to take my ideas forward and have them supported.”

Now Promotion to Associate Director and planning a wedding


“I am really excited about the next stage in my career.  I’ve just gotten engaged so getting married and potentially starting a family is also in the future plan.  I feel like I can have this balance here.”

I had never been in consulting however my contacts at Deloitte assured me they could offer me the support and guidance I needed to succeed.