Who am I

Hewahd Nassery
Audit & Assurance

Growing up

The biggest influence which has helped impact my journey so far has been my parents, who came to NZ as refugees from Afghanistan during the Soviet invasion. Their struggles made me more appreciative of being born in such a beautiful country, and motivated me to work hard and do well in not only my studies but extra-curricular activities also.

2016 Exposure to Financial Services


“I spent 8 months at a large international bank. I learned how to turn large data sets into meaningful information for the organisation. ”

2017 Financial Accounting Teaching Assistant


“I was chosen to tutor Accounting 211, a Level Two IFRS Financial Accounting paper. This role kept me on my toes, because no two students absorbed content the same way. I learned to constantly adapt by altering lessons to suit the needs of various students.”

2018 Education


I graduated from the University of Auckland with a Bachelor of Commerce, with a double major in accounting and management

2018 I started as a graduate with Deloitte


Joined Deloitte as a graduate in February 2018, where I was involved in the audit of fixed assets and end of lease provision in the FY19 audit for a prominent client. This covered two Key Audit Matters (KAM) in our audit report issued to the shareholders. I am passionate about the fact that I am able to see the ins and outs of various businesses within NZ, and interact/collaborate with high-profile executives on a daily basis.

2019 I work flexibly


“I play football which requires a massive commitment outside of work, so I’ve had to find a balance between studying for my CA qualification and meeting client deadlines with my trainings/games. I started playing football at the age of 5, and it is my passion to this day. I have won a national title with my high school first eleven team in 2014, and currently play for the Te Atatu AFC men’s first team”

why you should join Deloitte

I love the social aspect of the firm! It’s such a unique opportunity to be working with so many people, so it’s really easy to meet new people and foster great relationships.