Who am I?

Shawni Hadfield –

Associate Director,

Corporate Finance

2007 Graduated


Graduated from the University of Cape Town with a Bachelor of Business & Science, with Finance Honours, and a post graduate diploma in Accounting.

Early career

Early career

“My career took me from Cape Town to London where I met my husband and to the Bahamas for two years where we got married.”

2014 I didn’t start my career with Deloitte


“I joined the Deloitte Corporate Finance team in Wellington as a Manager.  I was attracted to Deloitte as the conversations were about what my career path could look like.”

I work flexibly

“As my needs change I’ve made many changes.  I’ve changed my days, hours and Partners are always supportive. I didn’t fully appreciate this until I was speaking with others in my antenatal group and realised so many others haven’t had the same support as I have”.

I got to try something new

I got to try something new

“When I was relatively new to the CF team they supported me to try something new through secondments in the Agri Sector. Recently they have provided me with the opportunity to take my career in a new direction building a Restructure and Turnaround practice in Wellington.”

I’m a women in leadership

I’m a women in leadership
Women in Leadership
In 2017 I took part in the Women in Leadership programme at Deloitte.
Activate Leaders
In 2018 I was invited to participate in the Activate Leaders programme with Global women.

2019 Promoted to Director


“I was promoted to Director and gave birth
to my second child mid June 2019.”

There was no question whether I could work flexibly or not – not only are there options available, but people do it successfully.