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Applications are currently open for our Graduate and Intern programme.

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When you’re a new graduate, deciding where to take your first career steps can be tricky

At Deloitte New Zealand, we believe in supporting and challenging smart, ambitious people to become truly exceptional through our Graduate Programme. You could be the next member of the Deloitte family. We understand it can be hard to work out which part of our business is right for you. Take our personality quiz to discover your Deloitte fit.

Three minutes to find your fit

What we are looking for

Ta matau e kimi nei

We’re interested in students with degrees in every discipline. We are particularly interested if you’ve got diverse experiences and are passionate about being part of a business which thrives on innovation, opportunity, collaboration and inclusion. Tell us why you are applying to Deloitte, what about the team and our purpose and values that interests you. Perhaps you’ve met one of us and it made an impact on you, let us know!
We will review your whole application to help us make a decision and take into account your CV, application answers, online assessments (only applicable to consulting applications), video and face to face interactions with us. Academic achievement is only one element we consider, we are looking for well-rounded students, this could be previous work experience, extra-curricular or community involvement and leadership experience.

Key competencies assessed through our recruitment process include:

  • Self-awareness
  • Resilience and the ability to embrace change
  • The ability to learn and apply new information quickly
  • Willingness to collaborate within a team
  • Organisational skills
  • Ability to analyse problems
  • Communication skills.

Our Recruitment Process

Ta Matau Tukanga Kimi Kaimahi

For our application process you will need to complete the first stage of testing  and if successful we will review your application. From there if you are successful you will be issued a video interview.

Following a successful video interview, applicants will be invited to a face to face interview. Some of our teams will issue case studies as part of the interview process. Case studies are real pieces of work we would expect graduates and interns to complete and allows us to measure the capabilities you need to be successful at Deloitte, it also gives you a chance to better understand what we’d expect of you.

Top Tips

Etehi korero awhina

We assess each applicant on an individual basis and that’s exactly how your application should be, individual and unique to you. If you’re ambitious, driven, collaborative and resilient and you are seeking purpose and progression then Deloitte is the right environment for you. We value a range of different skills and are always looking for a graduate to bring something new to the table. If you can demonstrate high levels of the following skills throughout the application process, then there’s a place for you at Deloitte.

#1 – Get yourself prepared

You will need to submit your CV, a cover letter and your University transcript for most roles. We recommend double checking your documents for any spelling errors or grammatical mistakes. Tailor your CV and cover letter so that it highlights your key competencies and the transferable skills which would help you succeed in your chosen role. Find out when employers are planning to be on campus and make arrangements so that next year you can go and meet them in person.



#2 – Do your research

Choosing an area of business that interests you and aligns to your studies can seem overwhelming when there is so much choice. Do your research online about the various services we offer and consider which one would best suit both your degree background and your skill set. We will only consider one application per person and we will ask you to rank both your business unit and location preferences. Make sure you are confident that you are applying to the role which is the best fit for you.

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Three minutes to find your fit



#3 – Help yourself stand out

Standing out from hundreds of other graduates is important. Reading a unique application is exciting and indeed every application should be different – after all this is your opportunity to showcase your unique skills and talents. Make sure you leverage all of your relevant experience and include this where appropriate, this could be from volunteering commitments, work experience or personal interests (such as sports or other hobbies). If you find it hard to articulate your skills and achievements, ask friends, colleagues or tutors for their thoughts about your strengths and go from there.



#4 – Think about where you want to go

It’s important to think broadly about your career aspirations and then consider how a particular opportunity aligns with them. Are you excited about where an organisation will be in 1, 5 or even 10 years’ time? If you are then this is a good sign that you have both done your homework on the overarching aims of the company you are applying to, and are already starting to think about the value you could add.

#5 – Use your networks

You might be able to use your connections to speak to people that are currently working for your prospective employer. If you can then that’s a great source of information. If not, then read as much company content as possible and watch videos of our employees speaking about their subjects of interest. Be curious and find out about prospective employers through their social media presence. We use Instagram to showcase our people, this can often be a good starting point to engage with the work that the business is doing (and that you might be doing too!)

#6 – Be critical of your prospective employer

Both the application process and the interviews are a chance for you to find out more about the organisation and make a judgement as a candidate as to whether this will be the right workplace for you. Being able to attend an interview and articulate exactly why you think the business would be a good fit for you is powerful and shows you are a considered candidate.

We want you to succeed

E pirangi nei matau kia eke koe ki nga taumata

Yes the application process is robust (we need to make sure we are getting individuals that will thrive here) but it is not meant to be scary, daunting or pretentious. We value honesty, curiosity and integrity and when you come to meet us you’ll see that we’re a fairly down to earth bunch. Don’t just take our word for it.

Deloitte was my first choice of employer due to their reputation as a work environment with strong values and culture. However, I had never previously worked in the corporate environment and I did not know what to expect during the application process. My motivations, strengths, my willingness to learn and challenge myself and my personal goals were key themes of the interview rather than my technical knowledge. I love my job because of the awesome workplace culture and strong support system that has been built up around me. Deloitte people care about one another from a work life and personal perspective.

Neve Williams, 2020 Graduate

Your future starts here

I would encourage everyone to bring their authentic and whole self to the application process. Don’t feel like you need to put on a guise in order to impress. At Deloitte we value and embrace diversity in all forms, and you will be able to see that when you get the opportunity to immerse yourself in our community.

I was fortunate to be partnered with Deloitte through a programme called Tupu Toa, which is an initiative Deloitte supported to help increase the representation of Maori and Pasifika in the corporate sector. I had never been in an environment like this in my life and had no idea what to expect leading up to my first interview. After a brief korero where we talked about our upbringings, my worries faded away and the next thing I knew I was discussing my strengths and where I thought I could bring value. When I got the offer to join I was excited because I felt I had a good idea of Deloitte’s culture and knew that was where I wanted to begin my professional career.

TJ Va’a, 2021 Graduate

Where unique strengths are celebrated

We believe that a workplace where people feel valued and included is a workplace we want to be a part of. Everyone, from our graduates to our senior execs, contribute to the unique culture and success of Deloitte New Zealand – and you could too.

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