Our Culture We might be about professional services, but it’s our down-to-earth, Kiwi culture that makes us stand out

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Our values are our culture

Be respected

You can only be your best when you can be yourself. You are welcome here. And more importantly, you’re welcome to stay true to yourself here. Because when our people get the respect they deserve, they get the chance to really make an impact. Respected employees are happier and more productive. We think it’s also the right way to do business. We work and think on the international level. Diversity is in our DNA. And we are proud of it. At Deloitte, we cherish and value everyone’s individuality and we strive for an open and inclusive culture. Respect and inclusion are core values at Deloitte and these are the responsibility of all our people from our CEO to our graduates.

Be curious

At Deloitte, we have the tools to challenge conventions and explore new horizons. This is where we think and work together. We stay curious and look for innovative ideas. We ask every question and look deeper at complex matters. We change our perspective on things and embrace the unexpected. We are eager and we always keep striving for a higher level. We look at things from every angle to find the best solution. Are you ready to break the status quo and make an impact?

Women in leadership

Advancing women at all levels is a firmwide priority for Deloitte. We are taking a number of short and medium term positive actions to ensure that women are able to fulfil their potential and career goals. Our aims include: to increase the number of women at all levels through purposeful recruitment (from students to partners); to increase the pipeline of women for leadership positions through targeted development; to build an inclusive culture within which success is measured and lack of success is addressed.

To help support all our staff we:

  • Are actively addressing the gender pay-gap.
  • Review performance every 6 months, as well as when on primary caregivers leave
  • Provide 14 weeks paid primary caregivers leave
  • Provide flexible working arrangements for our staff
  • Offer Women in Leadership workshops & mentoring across the business
  • Are sponsors of ShadowTech & TechWomen
  • Are members of Global Women, providing mentors and mentoring

Deloitte’s LGBTTI Rainbow Community

This is our Gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender,  takatāpui, intersex (LGBTTI) leadership forum and member community. Our Rainbow Community activities support our overall goal of building an environment in which all our people feel valued and accepted. We demonstrate our commitment to this community a number of ways;

  • A Sexual Diversity policy including gender transitioning
  • Dedicated intranet site for support and information
  • Pro-bono work for rainbow support groups; We had a team facilitate the first of a series of hui on behalf of Rainbow Youth, bringing together several organisations who work with LGTBI+ youth around New Zealand to share learnings and explore areas for future collaboration
  • We are a UN signatory for standards of Business supporting the LGBTI community

Tātou - our Māori and Pasifika peoples group


To support and encourage our staff in their cultural identities.

Our objective

We want to encourage people to be confident in their identity and to ‘take pride in their stride’. We want to do our bit to support the firm to be confident in its engagement with Māori and Pacific communities and customs. We want to bring new perspectives to the business and to help increase cultural competency. We want to create a support network for people and to encourage them to feel comfortable in their identities.

A place for wellbeing

The right culture

You could be part of a culture that promotes collaboration, leadership, and great results, made by awesome, smart people who don’t just come to work to earn a paycheck – they come to make an impact.

At Deloitte I feel excited to be part of a team of similar minded professionals where everyone is working to a larger common purpose. Deloitte invests in your professional development. You have the opportunity to do work in several industries with Partners on proposals, ideas, client presentations, and final report deliverables which makes the work very interesting and fulfilling.

Liza Van Der Merwe, Corporate Finance Manager.

Flexible working at Deloitte

When our people told us that they value the ability to balance the demands of work and home, we listened.  We created a flexible working culture to help our people build the career and life they want. We know that finding balance in your personal and professional life is what helps you to be at your best, and stay at your best.

Jane Fitzgerald, Associate Director, Consulting

I’ve been with Deloitte for five years now, with three of these in a flexible working arrangement as I had my two children. This has meant two maternity breaks, and variations to my flexible working contract as I changed from two, to three, then to four days per week. During this time I was promoted. My flexible working has definitely not impacted my career trajectory.

My Coach and Service Area Lead were fantastic, they gave me the flexibility to choose how much I did and when. Resulting in what I have now, which is working four days and leaving the office in the afternoon to have quality time at home with my kids.

My top tips

  • Ask – your career coach will be able to help guide you.
  • Communicate with your team’s and clients early.
  • Discuss how you like to work with your colleagues.
  • Remind people, they will forget you are not always available.

Ollie Newton, Manager, Tax & Private

I am a cricket player for the Wellington Firebirds. As this is a professional sporting environment, the training and playing commitments are significant.

I decreased my work to part-time, with the hours worked flexibly around my cricket schedule. I had the flexibility to work from the office, home (or on the road) in order to complete my work commitments.

I have been fortunate enough that Deloitte has been so accommodating with my Flexible Working Arrangement.

The benefits of this arrangement have meant that I have been able to pursue my bid to play professional sport, but at the same time continue to develop and progress my career at Deloitte.


Top tips

  • Be upfront about your interests. It is amazing how flexible Deloitte can be in terms of your working arrangements.
  • Time management is crucial. Cricket takes 25-30 hours a week so it’s vital to plan my work commitments.
  • Communication. I can’t stress this point enough! Open and honest communication means my Flexible Working Arrangement works well.

Anne Molineux, Manager, Consulting.

In early 2016 I suffered concussion while cross-country skiing in Alaska. I was off work for 3 months, and have had a graduated return to work since May 2016. I currently work around 30 hours a week, being mornings until 2pm, and again in the early evening.

I try to keep regular hours, which means people know when they can expect to get hold of me, and we can plan in advance how many hours of my time can be sold to clients. I’ve found the flexibility works best when it goes both ways – the firm is flexible to meet my needs, but I’m also flexible to meet theirs.

It helps that my Partner, team and main client all know the reason why I don’t work full time. My Partner and I have a shared expectation of what the firm can expect from me and what I can expect from the firm. She is the first one to tell me to go home if I’m still at work after 2pm!

My top tips

  • Be clear about what people can expect from you and when you will be available.
  • Be prepared to flex your arrangement when required (but no more than 10% of the time!).
  • Don’t belittle the importance of your flexible work arrangement – if you don’t value it and stand up for it, others won’t either.