Summer Internship Programme - Monday 20 November 2023 to Friday 9 February 2024

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Interested in a Summer Internship with us?

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Read the below for all you need to know about our Summer Internship!

  • You are eligible for the Summer Intern Programme if you are in your penultimate year of study (second to last year).

Spending your summer at Deloitte is a fantastic way to get up close to the world of business, find out what excites and inspires you, and where it could take you. As well as vital work experience, you’ll get a good idea of whether we’re the firm for you.

You’ll get a taste of professional life, allowing you to get ahead in your career before you’ve left university. You will learn from experienced colleagues and meet clients representing a variety of industries and environments as we help you make a smooth transition from a student to a professional. On top of that, you’ll enhance your CV with practical work experience.

Our structured programmes provide a collaborative, open culture where you will have exposure to everything that goes on in a global, fast-paced organisation like Deloitte.

Why an internship at Deloitte?

When you join us, you join the worldwide leader in professional services and consulting, with a global network of over 312,000 people in 150 countries.

As one of the largest professional services firms in the world, our services are as diverse as the graduates and interns we hire. From cybersecurity and tech innovation through to accounting and advisory, we’re looking ahead and building industries of the future.

But we can’t do that without you – today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders. That’s why don’t just employ students, we nurture them.

As a professional services firm, we have a broad range of opportunities open to students. It’s really important that you choose an opportunity which best fits your studies, skills and career aspirations. We ask students to apply to just one area of our business.

  • Audit & Assurance
  • Actuarial Services
  • Consulting
  • Corporate Finance/Financial Advisory
  • Business Advisory
  • Risk Advisory
  • Tax

Above all, you’ll be supported by the people on your team, accelerate your development and growth, and gain exposure to high-quality clients and projects – making it a summer to remember.

Your questions answered:

What kind of work will I undertake on my Internship?

You’ll spend twelve weeks in one of our business units from November – February, whilst getting a taste for what it’s really like to work in the largest professional services firm in the world.

Our internships vary depending on what business unit you are in. For example, if you’re in our Assurance and Advisory team you will be working with a team that advises clients on their accounting systems and controls, ways to improve them and reduce risk. In Financial Advisory, it’s all about working in a team that advises clients on buying or selling a business. Whereas, in our Technology roles, you could be in a team designing new systems or developing IT strategy.
All of our projects are centred around problem solving, which happens best when we work collaboratively. Throughout your internship, you’ll connect with colleagues across different teams to tackle challenges for our clients. As well as this, you’ll develop the kind of rounded business skills that will serve you well regardless of where your future takes you.

With more projects focused on technology and the latest digital developments, we approach every client with a clear eye on the future. It’s that vision that enables us to help the biggest businesses make some of their biggest decisions.

What can I expect from my Summer Internship?

From the moment you join, you’ll be working in a team, valued for the unique contribution you make and the fresh ideas you bring. You’ll gain hands-on project experience working with professional and experienced teams. You’ll be encouraged to think for yourself and use your initiative within your team delivering pioneering solutions for our clients. You will also develop rounded business skills that will serve you well regardless of where your future takes you. You will also be provided with all the learning support you need to develop yourself both personally and professionally.

When you join: You’ll participate in a full induction programme including a warm welcome, key skills, technical training and team building. You will also be assigned a buddy that will help you navigate everything even the smallest things to help you settle into summer at Deloitte and start to grow your network! You’ll be well-supported throughout the summer and have plenty of scope to expand your skills.

What will I learn?

We hope after your summer with us that you will come away with a wealth of knowledge and skills that will put you in a really good position for when you finish your studies, such as;

  • People skills, including working in diverse teams and building relationships to help you succeed.
  • Soft skills, including presentation and communication skills, time management, business acumen, corporate and personal responsibility.
  • Business writing and presentation skills, helpful for all types of presentations and in planning the research of a project.
  • IT and tech skills including software and technologies related to your role.
  • As you’d expect, the specific training you’ll get depends on the kind of role you choose. And we’ll do everything we can to help you succeed and lead as an expert in your field.

Who are Deloitte looking for?

We are looking for driven individuals who are clear have clear motivation for a career at Deloitte and their academic studies reflect this. We are seeking people who are analytical, confident, self-aware, results orientated and want to develop leadership skills early in their career. We encourage applications from a wide range of disciplines including business, engineering, maths, science, law, technology and arts, amongst others. Our success consistently lies in the fact that we recruit people who look at complex issues through a different lens.

Other requirements include:

  • A high level of self-motivation and commitment
  • The ability to analyse and work through complex problems
  • Flexibility, resilience and intellectual curiosity
  • A proactive approach to work
  • Ability to collaborate and work well within a team environment
  • The ability to learn quickly
  • Demonstrated leadership, creative problem solving and strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to prioritise tasks, work on multiple assignments, and manage change

How can I make an impact beyond by work?

At Deloitte, we’re driven to create positive progress for our clients, people and society. During your time with us you’ll have opportunities to make an impact beyond your day-to-day role – including taking part in our WorldClass volunteering initiatives.

How’s the social life?

We’re a firm with many opportunities to network and meet new people. Aside from our regular team events, you can join societies of all kinds such as netball, touch or football. At Deloitte, everyone’s invited. See what we’ve been up to lately on our Instagram page.

Intern Story

Hear from David Tupou who Interned with us from November 2021 – February 2022 and is joining us as a Graduate mid 2022 in our Risk Advisory team in Auckland.

Tell us about your journey to Deloitte

Through a lot of YouTube videos, reddit posts and stalking the Deloitte careers website, I knew Deloitte was for me. The thing that stood out the most was that Deloitte had Pas Peau, a Pacific organisation within its company, their flexibility with people in what they wanted to do and their corporate responsibility programmes such as Deloitte Grow which is in line with my interests of helping under-resourced youth in low decile schools. The vast spread of Deloitte offices in globally was also very attractive. And as I did some researching on the University of Auckland’s sites to see when applications were due and who could help me, I saw a clear path to creating my application. The Careers team at UoA helped me sharpen my CV, clarify my vision for what I wanted to do and thus helped my cover letter reflect that. From there, it was a matter of improving my interview skills with friends and family to be ready for the interview and after that it was out of my hands.

Tell us about your Internship

I had a wonderful experience with the TORR team, namely being involved in different projects and companies that I never thought I’d get to work with. My favourite part about Deloitte are the people who are so supportive of what someone wants to do and how to see to it you grow towards your goals. Having a buddy and coach really helped me feel comfortable in asking questions and genuinely learning from my team and about other teams. Although some of the internship was online, connecting with other interns really helped me network to see what the other service lines got up to as well.


How did you react when you’d found out you were successful in being offered a Graduate position with Deloitte?

I am very grateful to the Deloitte staff for offering me a graduate opportunity. As an international student with a Tongan passport, it meant a lot to my family to get a Deloitte job offer. My parents were almost tearing up over the phone and that’s when it properly hit me. It also meant a lot to somewhat repay them for their hard work and support for me. I’m almost impatient to start working here after my studies!


If there anything you would change if you had your time again through this process?

I would definitely take more people out for coffee catch ups. As a natural introvert, I find it hard to ask for a chat with non-team members via email but I’m taking steps to improve that.


What is your main advice to prospective students?

In the internship, annoy your buddy and coach with a lot of questions. In general, try to form a clear vision for what you want out of a career (type of work, for who and the likes). You can always pivot but it’s good to have an initial understanding of your interests and passions and then go from there.


What is your favourite thing about working for Deloitte within Risk Advisory?

I love the diversity of experience within my service line! Through talking with a lot of the team, I’ve noticed some having police, engineering, financial backgrounds that you wouldn’t think a Risk Advisory (Technology Operational Risk) team would have.


What is your favourite thing about Deloitte outside of your day to day role?

How supportive everyone is of what you want to do. This is my first experience in the private sector and it is the opposite of what I naively imagined.