Audit & Assurance It's about much more than just the numbers

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A chance to go behind the scenes

It’s about working side by side with your client to gain a full view of every aspect of their business. From their accomplishments to challenges, helping to assure strong foundations for their future.

As a member of the Audit team you’ll spend the majority of your time at the client’s workplace. It is your job to gain a full view of every aspect of your client’s business through the numbers. This makes working in Assurance hugely varied, challenging and rewarding.

Whether it’s conducting due diligence reviews and statutory audits or providing accounting advice on technical issues or corporate governance, we provide our clients with the highest quality accounting information, know-how and processes to ensure their financial information is well ahead of the game.

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What about technology?

Pehea te Hangarau?

Historically, in Audit & Assurance, we’d examine a client’s accounts once a year to make sure they presented a true and fair view of their financial situation. In today’s fast-moving and ever-more technology-focused world, there’s a lot more to Audit than that.

We are focused on key initiatives that involve using a different approach incorporating innovative technologies to deliver valuable insights to clients about their business. Data analytics, visualization techniques, and artificial intelligence are dramatically changing the way Deloitte is able to approach and conduct audits.

Is Audit & Assurance right for me?

In an audit industry best known for looking back, Deloitte looks beyond.

We do this with our work, but also with our people. We invest in your future by providing experts to develop and challenge you.

If you want to be immersed in an environment of culture, diversity and endless development, then Deloitte is the right fit for you and you are the right fit for Deloitte.

Alex Crawshaw , Audit & Assurance, University of Otago