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In Risk Advisory we know that to meet the growing needs of clients, we need to continuously grow world-class talent, committed team players, analytical thinkers, and future leaders

In Risk Advisory you will advise our clients on how to effectively manage their financial and non-financial risk and make informed and intelligent risk decisions to maximise opportunities and drive efficiencies. This includes helping organisations prevent risks to strategy, governance, operations, reporting and compliance by supporting their business processes.

You will work with organisations to identify, manage and prepare for risk by developing strategies to minimise risk, conducting risk assessments, and proposing creative solutions for our clients. You will have the opportunity to work with our local and global network to share ideas, learn from a wealth of knowledge and take advantage of new technology to understand and resolve issues.

You will be working across practices in one of our three clusters, Forensic, Cyber or Technology, Operational and Regulatory Risk – See below for insight into the work that we do within these clusters.

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In Forensic, you will help our clients react quickly and confidently to a crisis, investigation or dispute. We use our global network, deep industry experience and advanced analytical technology to understand and resolve issues and deliver proactive advice to clients to help them reduce the risk of future problems.

You have the opportunity to work across each of the four practices in Forensics, Disputes, Discovery, Financial Crime and Risk Analytics.

In the Disputes practice, you will work with organisations and their lawyers in judicial and alternative dispute resolution forums, across a range of jurisdictions. Drawing on our deep expert witness, financial analysis, damage quantification, and discovery capabilities, we give our clients the insight and understanding they need to strengthen their case, at all stages of a business dispute.

In the Discovery practice, you will deliver solutions to complex electronic discovery challenges that our clients face using our state of the art facilities and technology. You will collaborate with our clients to assist them with the entire discovery process from planning, collecting and processing the documents through to providing them with a first class leading web-based platform to review the documents on.

In the Financial Crime practice, you will help our private and public sector clients protect their brand and reputation from financial crime related risks. Our team quickly and efficiently gains an understanding of our client’s exposure, providing practical measures to better prepare for, prevent and detect financial crime risks. We also work alongside our clients when financial crime incidents occur.

In the Risk Analytics practice, you will convert data into information and value. From tracing employees committing fraud, to how businesses can save and recover money, to predicting if and when an employee is going to leave. If there is data we can and will analyse it and provide cutting edge insight and peace of mind to our clients.


In Cyber, you will help organisations identify key risks and effect change to protect sensitive information and systems while remaining in compliance with complex and diverse personal information international laws and regulations.

We understand all aspects of IT security including data privacy, payment cards security, strategy and governance, training and awareness, mobile device management and third-party cloud security.

In Cyber, you have the opportunity to work across three areas including Security Transformation, Identify and Access Management and Cyber Security. Generally, you will support organisations with governing information security, identifying controls to limit the impact of a cyber incidents, moving to the cloud securely, protecting sensitive information that they hold, and help them to respond and recover from major cyber incidents.

Technology, Operational and Regulatory Risk

In Technology, Operational and Regulatory Risk (TORR) you will work with our clients to mitigate risks affecting their internal systems, business processes, applications and data through business process control and integrity, data quality and integrity, technical project quality assurance, technology internal control assurance and environment, social and governance.

You have the opportunity to work across each of the three practices in Internal Audit, General IT Controls, Financial Advisory and Health & Safety.

In the Internal Audit practice, you have the opportunity to help an organisation accomplish its strategic objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluating and improving the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes.

In the General IT Controls practice, you will work with our clients to assess controls for risks which affect their internal systems, business processes, applications and data.

In the Financial Services practice, you will support our clients with providing advisory, implementation and support services for emerging and existing legislative requirements in the areas of AML, banking, insurance and wealth management.

In the Health & Safety practice, you will work with clients to make an impact with their health and safety strategic management programmes, risk management and audits. We focus in providing governance advisory support and integrated views on health and safety systems to assist clients to manage their risk and help them achieve their goals.