Why Work Here

I got to try something new | I whakamātautau ahau i etali mea hou

As a Partner in the Business Advisory team at Deloitte’s Queenstown office, my role involves delivering advisory services to fast-growing local businesses in various industries such as tourism, horticulture, viticulture, services, and property.  

One of the highlights of my career at Deloitte has been the opportunity to establish and lead the Queenstown office, making a significant impact on the local community and offering a Big 4 option for professionals in the region.  

Personally, I find it rewarding to contribute to the growth of Deloitte in Queenstown, establishing our presence, building a strong team of professionals, and actively engaging with the local community. Plus, being able to enjoy skiing before and after work in the winter is an added bonus.

I currently work for Deloitte Global as a Project Manager in the Office of the Global Chair. One of the highlights of working for Deloitte has been the incredible opportunities I’ve had, starting as an Audit graduate and then moving into People and Performance to explore different aspects of talent. Now, working with the Global Board, I have the privilege of witnessing the work of senior leaders in our global firm. The values of Deloitte Aotearoa have had a tremendous influence on my work, shaping my everyday tasks, mindset, and interactions with others. 

I’m grateful for the support and understanding from my coach, Sally, who encouraged me to explore new opportunities even if it meant leaving her team. Being open and transparent with your coach is crucial in navigating your career at Deloitte.

I’ve been very privileged to work across two business units at Deloitte. I started off as an intern (and then later a graduate) in Assurance and Advisory and spent just over 3 years in the team. If I could go back, I’d always make the same decision – my time in Assurance and Advisory really helped develop my core technical skills (particularly my accounting skillset) and business knowledge, which provided me with a strong foundation to take into Financial Advisory.

I moved into Corporate Finance in Apr 2022 and haven’t looked back since. I’ve worked on a number of transactions and other corporate advisory engagements, and I still continue to learn more and more each day which is what keeps me so engaged and excited about my work.

It’s a privilege to be able to come into work everyday and get to learn from, and work with such talented individuals. I’ve received invaluable career and life mentorship from the leaders at this firm, and have also made some lifelong friends along the way.

I started as an intern | I timata ahau hei pia

I joined Deloitte as a graduate in August 2023 after interning the previous summer. I work in the Tax and Business Advisory unit, specifically in the Corporate International Tax team. One highlight of my Deloitte experience was assisting with the tax due diligence for an international investment during my internship, which gave me valuable insights into the implications of such investments. 

The values of Deloitte Aotearoa, particularly collaboration, influence my work by fostering teamwork and enabling me to learn from my colleagues to deliver exceptional work for our clients. During my internship, I had the chance to work in both the Corporate International and Transaction Services Tax teams, gaining technical skills in tax returns, client research and attending client calls.

I started as an intern during the summer of 2021, which gave me an insight into the corporate world and a rough idea of the fundamentals of the work. I enjoyed my internship with the Hamilton Audit team and was offered a grad position once I completed my degree, which I enthusiastically accepted to rejoin Deloitte in 2023. 

The highlight of working at Deloitte for me is the variety of clients we work with, allowing us to travel to different cities and gain a strong understanding of how each business operates. Deloitte’s Hapai Tangata value of fostering inclusion is evident within our office, and we prioritise team bonding outside of work, which ensures everyone is comfortable and able to ask questions, improving the quality of our work. 

I graduated from Otago University in 2021 and did a summer internship at Deloitte to gain practical experience before becoming a consultant in the Business Advisory team, where I do a range of tasks on a day-to-day basis. 

A highlight of working at Deloitte is being able to work with a diverse range of clients and attending Grad camp where I was able to meet and connect with other graduates from across the firm. The values of Deloitte, specifically “Mahitahi,” resonated with me as it fosters collaborative working and enables my team to learn from each other.

I started as a grad | I timata ahau hei pia

I started as a graduate in the Deloitte Dunedin office in 2001, I was part of the Assurance and Advisory team. Starting my career at Deloitte has had a number of benefits, both personally and professionally. I completed my CA while at Deloitte, had the opportunity to travel both nationally and internationally and built lifelong friendships. Deloitte also provided a strong foundation for the next step in my career when I moved into industry, working as a Financial Accountant. Throughout my career, I have worked at a variety of companies in New Zealand and Australia but after my last role as CFO of a local business, I returned to Deloitte for a Partnership opportunity.

The main highlight for me is now being able to assist and support clients on a daily basis to help them achieve their goals. Many of my clients I now call friends and the relationships go beyond just that of a business relationship.

I started at Deloitte as a graduate in February 2022. The onboarding process was very helpful as I was invited to Deloitte events even before my start date, and I was assigned a buddy for support during the initial months. Being part of the Deloitte network allowed me to build connections within and outside the Christchurch office.

I am now an analyst in the Corporate Finance team at Deloitte’s Christchurch office. My time at Deloitte has been enriched by the wonderful people I work with, and I’ve learned so much from my experienced team. I worked on The Turning Point Series, which focused on the monetary impact of climate change on businesses. I’m always striving to apply Hapai Tangata (Foster Inclusion) and Manaaki (Take Care of Each Other) values to my work.

I started at Deloitte Hamilton in 2015 as a Graduate. Since then, I have worked my way up through Senior Consultant and Manager, to now be an Associate Director. Alongside this, I used to play professional rugby for Waikato. 

The learning curve on the graduate programme can be steep at times but everyone around you is in the same boat. This makes for a really good environment conducive to growth, both personally and professionally. 

I think Deloitte has supported me because they’ve got a really good perspective on life and what’s important.

I travelled with Deloitte | I hare tahi mātou ko Deloitte Aotearoa

I work for the Deloitte Hamilton office but am based in Tauranga. I’m an Assistant Manager in Audit Services and my role at Deloitte includes a variety of tasks such as auditing financial statements of public benefit entities and NZX listed entities as well as performing testing and recommendations for internal controls.  

My highlight of working with Deloitte is the many different work environments that have been made available to me. 

Travel is a big part of my work. I’ve travelled throughout the North Island from Auckland all the way down to Whanganui. I have also recently completed a stint working for Deloitte Netherlands based out of Amsterdam, which is one of the benefits of choosing a career in audit as the skills and knowledge you gain are directly transferable to other member firms across the world.


I’ve been lucky enough to travel with my audit work. I have multiple clients in Australia so spend around 5 weeks a year overseas working on these engagements in Sydney. We also have clients located around New Zealand. This has allowed me to enhance my cultural awareness and provided challenges and rewards, both professional and personally.

I’m also travelling to the UK on an overseas secondment within Deloitte for three months, which is an opportunity available after a few years’ experience. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to live and work in another country, absorbing the culture and history that it has to offer. The secondment is a chance for me to network, get out of my comfort zone and exchange working experiences between London and Christchurch, gaining valuable life skills.

As an Experience Design Consultant for the Customer Strategy and Design team at Deloitte, I assist clients in creating great experiences for their users, including customers and staff. 

My first two projects have been about improving health outcomes for transgender and non-binary people in Aotearoa, which has been a highlight of my work at Deloitte so far. The company’s values keep me centred and help me navigate projects with clients or internal teams. 

Travelling for work has been a great experience, allowing me to visit Wellington, Christchurch, and Dunedin and facilitate hui with stakeholders while exploring parts of these cities.

I'm a woman in leadership | He wahine mātai hangarau ahau

As a tax partner at Deloitte specialising in transfer pricing, I lead our national transfer pricing practice and am also a member of our executive team and BU talent lead. I have been with Deloitte for almost 20 years, seven of which as a partner. 

Becoming a partner has been a career highlight and being able to work with our next generation of leaders has been a great opportunity. As a wife and mother of two girls, I find balance between work and family, and it has been wonderful to be in a position to shape opportunities for other women navigating this path. The values of Deloitte New Zealand align closely with my sense of purpose, driving how I navigate my work.

As a partner in the Auckland Private team of Deloitte, I work in Tax and Business Advisory for privately owned New Zealand businesses and large family groups. Additionally, I help lead the newly opened Albany office located on the North Shore in Auckland.

I truly believe in working to make an impact that matters and I sort of see this as a challenge for myself as well – how can I personally ensure I am making an impact that matters.  I want to make a difference, help our NZ businesses and communities succeed. I enjoy working collectively with our team to ensure we at Deloitte are having a positive impact on everyone we work with – both within our own firm, with our clients and with the wider business community we connect with. Our values such as Manaaki and Mahitahi are embedded in our culture, and this helps us to lead the way and live our purpose to make an impact that matters.

Starting as a tax graduate at PwC Christchurch in 2011, I moved to Deloitte part-time in 2013 and eventually re-joined full-time in 2016 at the Auckland office. My experience has expanded from tax to other business advisory services, including Iwi organizations. Deloitte’s flexible working arrangements have allowed me to balance work and family life, including three maternity leaves. 

I appreciate how the company values have allowed me to positively impact our clients, people, and society. Shaping the future of tax and working with Māori organizations have been highlights of my career at Deloitte. I’ve had great coaching, guidance, and mentoring to navigate my career, and as a woman in a leadership position, I aspire to be a role model and provide opportunities to our people and my family.

I'm making an impact that matters | Ka whakeaweawe, ke whai hua aku mahi

I have spent most of my career in the forensic team before moving to the technology operational regulatory risk team within Risk Advisory, where I have been a Partner since 2022.
I helped to establish Deloitte’s Pås Peau team in 2020 after seeing a number of opportunities to empower Pasifika communities and boost representation within our business. I value the different perspectives, experiences and values people bring to our organisations and its these which contribute positively to our clients’ needs and challenges.
Young people are our future, and I’m passionate about making an impact through serving our Pasifika communities so the next generation know about the opportunities available to them. 

He uri ahau nō ngā Iwi o Tainui waka, Ngāi te Rangi me Ngāti Kahungunu

My passion is to support Māori organisations that have aspirations to grow and prosper for the benefit of their people. The Māori economy is going through growth and with growth comes opportunity and challenges. As a trusted advisor, my clients value the clarity I provide to assist with strategic transformation, investment strategy, commercial decision making, change management and business case development. This provides opportunity to make an impact by laying the foundations to provide tangible benefits to Iwi, hapu and whanau now and in generations to come.

I’m Frances, an Associate Director in the Strategy and Business Design team at Deloitte. My focus is on sustainability and purpose-led strategy, and I’m also one of the leads for our internal rainbow staff network StandOUT. One of the highlights of working at Deloitte has been bridging my grassroots community experience and connections with my work here. I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with charities and provide expertise to support their important work.

The values of Deloitte Aotearoa align with my own, giving me the freedom to continuously strive for a values-led approach in my work. I am passionate about bringing social impact to the private sector and helping commercial organizations deliver positive social and environmental outcomes. Our publication on Strengthening the ‘S’ of ESG has sparked meaningful conversations with clients about embedding social impact into their business models.

I'm supported to bring my whole self to work | Kua tika taku noho ki te mahi

I am the National Cultural lead at Deloitte in Aotearoa. Having come from 30+ years in education across mainstream and Kura Kaupapa Māori spaces followed by experience in not-for-profit and crown agencies in the public sector, Deloitte has been a refreshing, exciting and highly versatile dynamic to be immersed in. I bring the mauri (life force) of Te Ao Māori from my tribal affiliations to Ngāti Kahungunu: Rakaipaaka and Te Rarawa: Ngāti Te Maara and regular membership and affiliation to Auckland Urban Kapa Haka, Auckland Anglican Māori club, Te Whare Tu Taua, Hoani Waititi marae and other marae across Auckland.

The aspirations of Māori are paramount for our Hourua Pae Rau (Māori services team) as we aim to increase our capability to provide services to Iwi, Māori businesses & Crown agencies and organisations as well as uplifting and empowering the success of Māori via Te Tiriti o Waitangi that benefits all New Zealanders


I’m a manager at Deloitte based in Christchurch, working in the Financial Advisory Services team. My time outside of Deloitte is spent playing games with my son or out on a sports field. I am lucky enough to still play sport at a relatively competitive level having represented New Zealand for Touch Rugby in April 2023 and playing Premier Grade rugby for a club in town.

Deloitte have been very supportive of my aspirations to continue to play high level sport while working and offer additional sport and cultural leave so I can continue to pursue those aspirations. This has made my journey to Manager a lot smoother, and I don’t think I would still be playing to the level I currently am without the firm’s support.

I have found that successfully balancing my sporting commitments with my career requires careful personal planning. By managing my time effectively and ensuring that I deliver my work on time and to a high standard, I am able to progress my career in the direction I desire while continuing to pursue my passion for sports.

I joined Deloitte as a graduate consultant in Business Advisory Hamilton in July 2023. Living in Te Awamutu with my husband, two sons, and our Border Collie, I came to Deloitte after a previous career as an Occupational Therapist in the Health sector. Deloitte has proven to be an excellent place for me to embark on this new stage in my career. Their values of fostering inclusion (Hapai Tangata) and taking care of each other (Manaaki) have been strongly demonstrated during my early months here, with the staff being friendly, welcoming, and supportive.

As a graduate, I appreciate the full-time office presence for guidance and assistance, but the flexibility in working hours is also helpful in managing my responsibilities at home. My previous experience in managing the demands of working life has been valuable, even though the role and requirements are different. I am excited about the great opportunity Deloitte has provided me as I begin this new phase of my life, and I look forward to the valuable experiences and knowledge that lie ahead.