Summer Internship | Ma te hotaka pia raumati

Why be an intern at Deloitte

An intern role at Deloitte is the perfect way to spend your summer and get a taste of what working for Deloitte would look like. You start with a cohort of people just like you, who have finished their penultimate year of study, and are wanting to spend their break getting hands-on experience in the field they’re interested in pursuing after graduation. People at Deloitte are the best at what they do and learning from high-performers is a fantastic way to kickstart your growth and career.  

Interns have a two-day induction in their office to understand the corporate environment, what the expectations are, and what you can expect from your time with us. The internship runs from mid-November (following university exams), has a three week break over Christmas and New Years, and finishes early February before you head back to your final year of university. You’ll be part of a cohort of 150 + others, all learning collaboratively and building a foundation for your career. 

Once you sign your contract with us, you’ll start in November that year. Between signing your contract and your start-date, we have a number of touchpoints including a buddy reaching out to you, so you feel part of the Deloitte whānau before your first day. 

If you’re interested in pursuing a graduate role with us after your internship, your buddy and coach can help provide feedback and ensure you make the most of the opportunity. A number of our interns receive a graduate contract at the end of their internship meaning they’ve secured a job for after university and don’t need to apply again! Internships are only available to people with one more year of study. If you’re in your final year of study, we hire a number of graduates who didn’t complete internships – check out our graduate page here.  

The application process

What you'll need to apply


A one-to-two-page summary of your experiences to date that might align with the role you are applying for. This could be work experience, extra-curricular clubs, community or church involvement, or sporting and academic achievements.

Cover Letter

A one page letter introducing yourself to the team, highlighting your suitability and interest for the role you're applying for. Also tell us why Deloitte (if you have met us at an event, listened to the podcast, or think our values align with yours – this is the place to tell us).

Academic Transcript

This can be unofficial, but must be a PDF showing your full name, the name of your tertiary education provider, and your grades. 

Check out our podcast

We have a podcast series called ‘The Deloitte Download’ tailored towards the Early Careers experience full of tips, tricks and insights from current staff. Make sure to check it out!

Tips & tricks to standout

Show an interest in the business unit you are applying for – show us you have researched them and are familiar with what they do. 

We are a client-facing organisation so communication and an ability to work with people or in a team are key. 

Our clients come from a range of industries and backgrounds so building relationships with people is important. Tell us how you have used extracurricular activities, work experience, community/church involvement or sports to connect with people. 

Grades aren’t everything, but we like to know you are dedicated and apply yourself to learning. We know life happens and are aware grades aren’t always reflective of a person’s true capability. There’s room in the application and cover letter to tell us the whole story. 

The video interview feels like the first time we meet you. Ensure you take the chance to check what you’re wearing, what’s in the background, and how you present yourself to the people watching. We view every single application so make sure youre talking to us like a potential future colleague.

Unsure which business unit is for you?



If you aren’t sure what team at Deloitte you would most enjoy, read into the work we do or take our Find Your Fit quiz to see!

Still have questions?

Feel free to check out our FAQ’s, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram @Deloitte_NZ, The Deloitte Download podcast and connect with Madi Barnett on LinkedIn or send an email to