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About Us

Our Financial Advisory team provides transaction, commercial and economic advisory solutions to support our clients on a range of their most strategic and complex priorities. We deliver a broad-spectrum of services including merger and acquisition transactions, valuation, commercial infrastructure advisory, economics advisory, turnaround and restructuring, business modelling and debt advisory.

Each month will be different as you work on a wide variety of projects, clients and industries. You will work amongst diverse teams, giving you wide exposure, and the opportunity to learn from people across all levels of the business and with a variety of skillsets.

We believe our team represents the best Financial Advisory talent in New Zealand. We strive to nurture and develop the careers of our people and have created an environment in which they can succeed. We hope that you will not only join us as a graduate analyst, but also build your career with us. 

Is it right for me?


  • Are you a problem solver?

  • Do you enjoy analytical thinking?

  • Are you someone who prefers to work in a team? 

  • Do you strive for new and better ways of doing things?

  • Do you enjoy developing your skills?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, then Financial Advisory is the perfect fit for you! In the world of Financial Advisory, being a problem solver is a strength, teamwork is the name of the game, and the pursuit of innovation and continuous skill development is not just encouraged, it’s essential. Join us in an environment that values collaboration, thrives on analytical thinking, and rewards your commitment to growth. Finance Advisory is not just a job; it’s a dynamic journey tailored for individuals like you who seek fulfilment, teamwork, and a constant drive towards excellence.

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Our Service Lines

How do Financial Advisory Services impact our clients?

With strong focus and the capabilities to manage transactions from start to close, Corporate Finance specialise in a range of advisory services including the selling or buying of businesses and raising debt or equity finance. We utilise our skills and experience to assist our clients on a range of transactions including valuations, financial modelling, business cases and strategic reviews, litigation support and other corporate finance related matters. 

What will you get to do? 

  • Prepare robust and meaningful financial analysis 
  • Assist professionals on client development and practice development assignments.
  • Communicate with clients to understand needs and demands 

Degrees: Finance, Mathematics, Accounting

See our Corporate Finance Job Canvas to find out more about what you’ll be doing, the experience, skills and capabilities we look for and how we’ll invest in you.   

Work with leaders and staff to deliver high quality commercial, financial and strategic advice for a range of corporate and public sector clients to deliver meaningful results for their businesses, customers or taxpayers. 

As an Analyst, you will be a core member of the team working on client projects across a range of sectors, including primary industries, banking, education, health, energy, defence, urban development and transport. 

What will you get to do?  

  • Financial modelling, including model preparation, testing or review 
  • Feasibility and economic impact assessments, cost benefit analysis and market studies 
  • Drafting business cases and undertaking supporting analysis, options development and evaluation 

Degrees: Finance, Accounting, Economics or another relevant major e.g. Math, Coding, Operational Research, Engineering, Law, Sciences 

See our Commercial & Economic Advisory Job Canvas to find out more about what you’ll be doing, the experience, skills and capabilities we look for and how we’ll invest in you.