Inclusion at Deloitte | Ko te mahu tahi

Inclusion at Deloitte | Ki te mahu tahi

We believe that our strength lies in a welcoming and inclusive workplace, where our people feel they can be themselves and thrive. 

Our ALL IN strategy is how we aim to foster an equitable, inclusive and diverse workplace. Our people are pivotal to this and we’re proud to have communities who come together to deliver firm-wide initiatives that educate and empower all of us. 

Some of our communities include: Hourua Pae Rau, our Māori peoples’ community; Pås Peau, our Pacific peoples’ community; NZ StandOUT, our rainbow community and our Deloitte Asian Network. These communities offer valuable connection between members and allow our people to bring their whole selves to work.​ 

Inclusion and diversity is important even before you start at Deloitte. We are proud winners of the NZAGE 2023 diversity award, an award that reflects our commitment to an inclusive recruitment campaign for interns and graduates.

Hourua Pae Rau

Hourua Pae Rau is Deloitte’s Māori sector team. Hourua Pae Rau work directly with Māori, government and business to support the growth of the Māori economy and ensure the benefits of this are felt by individuals across Aotearoa. We also connect with other teams across Deloitte to ensure engagements with Māori are carried out effectively.  We work with teams across Deloitte to ensure we can bring the best of the firm and a high degree of understanding to engagements with Māori organisations. 

In 2010, Deloitte became the first of the big four professional services firms to create a specialised Māori services team. Since then, Deloitte has continued to invest in this area to meet the market need, and today Hourua Pae Rau represents the largest Māori professional services team in Aotearoa. We have connections to iwi across the country and combine our depth of expertise and experience to make an impact in our communities. 

Hourua Pae Rau are proud to support Māori in Aotearoa and know this extends beyond professional services. As such, the team has a number of scholarship and internship options available to ensure equitable opportunities for our rangitahi. 

Pås Peau

Pås Peau is a collective of passionate individuals with a diverse range of skills and expertise at Deloitte New Zealand. The united goal is to make an impact for Pasifika organisations and the wider Pasifika community by enabling them with the right tools to deliver exciting, bold new outcomes. 

Pås Peau is made up of Pasifika individuals, many of whom have extensive experience working with Pasifika communities and businesses. We understand the key cultural values that are at the heart of Pasifika organisations and we are passionate about delivering better outcomes for Pasifika communities. 

We know that there’s more we can do for the Pasifika people beyond providing professional services. That’s why we are proud to support young Pasifika with our Le Lumana’i scholarship, which supports young Pacific people through financial assistance and opportunities to thrive and make an impact. 

StandOUT - Deloitte's LGBTTI+ Rainbow Community

The StandOUT group welcome all allied and rainbow-identified people who want to connect and contribute to the kaupapa of embracing diversity at work, and in our communities. The group meet regularly to talk about initiatives to improve our culture, celebrate key days for the community, and create meaningful connections across Deloitte New Zealand. Deloitte demonstrates our commitment to this community in a number of ways; 

  • A Sexual Diversity policy including gender transitioning 
  • Dedicated intranet site for support and information 
  • Pro-bono work for rainbow support groups; we had a team facilitate the first of a series of hui on behalf of Rainbow Youth, bringing together several organisation’s who work with LGBTTI+ youth around New Zealand to share learnings and explore areas for future collaboration 
  • We are a UN signatory for Standards of Business supporting the LGBTTI+ community 

Gender Equity

Advancing women at all levels is a firmwide priority for Deloitte. We are taking several short and medium-term positive actions to ensure that women can fulfill their potential and career goals. Our aim includes: to increase the number of women at all levels through purposeful recruitment (from students to Partners); to increase the pipeline of women for leadership positions through targeted development; and to build an inclusive culture within which success is measured and lack of success is addressed. 

To help support our people we: 

  • are actively addressing the gender pay-gap and externally reporting on this 
  • review performance every six months, even when on primary caregiver’s leave 
  • provide 26 weeks paid primary caregivers leave*
  • provide eight weeks partner leave to encourage shared care*
  • provide a range of flexible working options
  • offer Lifestyle Leave which is an opportunity to purchase up to eight weeks leave annually 
  • offer Women in Leadership workshops & mentoring across the business 
  • are sponsors of ShadowTech and TechWomen 
  • are active members of Global Women and Champions for Change, helping to accelerate inclusive and diverse leadership

*eligibility criteria applies

Deloitte Asian Network




Our Deloitte Asian Network is an opportunity to connect with people who identify as Asian or are interested in Asian culture. We organise events for important cultural dates (such as the Lunar New Year celebration and Moon Festival event) and advocate for Asian culture within Deloitte New Zealand.