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Embark on an exhilarating accounting journey with us! More than crunching numbers, it’s about celebrating victories, tackling challenges, and creating strong foundations for our clients’ future.

At Deloitte, we consider the what, how, and why of client decisions, allowing us to bring a more holistic approach to auditing. We empower clients to stay ever ready for action. Through both stormy challenges and sunny economic climates, our vibrant audit team is dedicated to helping clients “get it right” in today’s intricate world.

Let us make Assurance and Advisory an adventure where success meets excitement! 

Is it right for me?


  • Do you desire variety? 
  • Do you enjoy a fast-paced team environment? 
  • Are you naturally inquisitive and keen to travel? 
  • Do you enjoy using technology to solve problems? 

If you answered ‘yes’ to these questions, then Assurance and Advisory could be for you! In your first few years you’ll spend at least 80% of your time on site with clients. Within 12 months of starting as an Audit Junior Associate, you can also be given the opportunity to coach interns. Use the experience you gain to travel the world on secondment to other Deloitte offices – we’ve recently sent our people to the UK, Ireland, Australia, Canada, USA & Switzerland!  

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Our Service Lines

How do Assurance and Advisory impact our clients?

Embark on an exciting financial journey with us! Our expert accounting skills not only provide clients with a clear view of their financial landscape but also turn the traditional audit process into an adventure. We do not just grasp our clients’ businesses; we dive into thrilling opportunities and uncover risks beyond the ordinary financial reporting functions. Join our expanding team of auditors and accountants, as the world increasingly acknowledges and celebrates our exceptional talent!  

What will you get to do? 

  • Provide audit services to public, private and not-for-profit clients.  
  • Apply design-thinking approaches to audit projects.  
  • Perform substantive audit testing using data analytics to develop and present annual audit plans and reports. 

Degrees: Accounting 

See our Audit Job Canvas to find out more about what you’ll be doing, the experience, skills and capabilities we look for and how we’ll invest in you. 

Dive into the exciting world of accounting with us! Picture this: our dynamic teams do not just wield core assurance and technical accounting skills; we turn them into tools for an engaging journey in assurance or consulting. Whether its helping clients fine-tune their operational performance or being the go-to experts in finance function assurance, large accounting transactions, and specialized finance outsourcing, our team brings a touch of fun to the financial landscape. Join us as we provide advice that spans across diverse industries and various levels of government, making accounting an adventure worth embracing! 

What will you get to do?  

  • Gain enviable client-facing skills as you craft and deliver innovative solutions for our clients’ most complex problems. 
  • Build your understanding of our client’s industries and typical challenges that they face. 
  • Use the latest tech tools to develop creative solutions and help prepare project plans and reports. 

Degrees: Accounting (Major or Minor). 

See our Accounting & Reporting Advisory Job Canvas to find out more about what you’ll be doing, the experience, skills and capabilities we look for and how we’ll invest in you.