Who am I?

Kobus Naude –

Senior Consultant,

Tax & Private

2014 Graduated


Graduated from University of Auckland with a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Accounting and Tax.

2014 Supply Chain role at Restaurant Brands


Supply Chain role at Restaurant Brands.

“It was good having some industry experience and commercial knowledge before joining Deloitte.”

2015 I started as a graduate with Deloitte


“I had been with Restaurant Brands for about a year and was thinking about my next move. I happened to be reading the newspaper and Deloitte were advertising for Graduates in Tax & Private. I put my name forward however was not sure if I would be successful.”

Opportunities at Deloitte

“At Deloitte you are definitely given opportunities if you work hard. I was in the budgeting and forecasting team and they included me in the advisory board meetings and in these meetings you discuss strategy and where a business wants to go.”

2018 I went on a secondment


“When Deloitte picked up Rocket Lab as a client, I put my hand up to work there. I was seconded full time for three months.”

2018 I’m Deloitte alumni


“I’m now the Financial Intelligence Manager at Rocket Lab. Deloitte sent me on really useful training courses, like forecasting seminars. When I moved into Rocket Lab I was able to bring a skill-set that included Tax, commercial and accounting. I think that’s why they hired me.”

Now What’s next?


“As Rocket Lab grows there are different environments and opportunity inside the business to learn new things and there is the possibility of working in the US; so plenty of things to keep me interested.”

My partner at Deloitte was very open with me from the beginning about experimenting in my career.