Graduate Programme – Applications open from Monday 17 July to Friday 25 August 2023

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Read the below for all you need to know about our Graduate Progamme!

  • You are eligible for the Graduate Programme if you are completing your studies or completed 24 months prior.
  • You must have or be working towards professional Chartered Accounting (CA) or Chartered Professional Accounting (CPA) qualification requirements to be eligible for Audit & Assurance.
  • As part of our Graduate programme it is a permanent full-time position and a full programme of learning and professional development.

At Deloitte, we know that we’re at our best when we can be our true and rounded selves at work. Human beings aren’t just lists of strengths and qualifications. Our fears are as motivating as our ambitions, our doubts as grounding as our self-belief. It’s the diversity within each one of us, that makes us strong and brilliant. Because that’s what helps us to connect and to make an impact that matters for our clients and our world.

About the Deloitte Graduate Programme

Our structured Graduate Programme provides a collaborative, open environment where you can have a voice and bring your great ideas to life. You’ll be an important part of the team from day one, working face-to-face with clients on jobs that are relevant to your interests. As you go, you’ll enjoy a supportive environment where everyone is accessible and invested in your training and growth.

As a professional services firm, we have a broad range of opportunities open to students. It’s really important that you choose an opportunity which best fits your studies, skills and career aspirations. We ask students to apply to just one area of our business.

  • Audit & Assurance
  • Actuarial Services
  • Consulting
  • Corporate Finance/Financial Advisory
  • Business Advisory
  • Risk Advisory
  • Tax

Find out more information about our business units here.

The diversity of our services, our clients and the industries that we serve, in addition to our people, is why we believe Deloitte is the best place to launch and develop your career. Joining Deloitte is also your opportunity to become part of the worldwide leader in professional services and consulting, a global network of approximately 312,000 people in 150 countries and territories.

Your questions, answered:

How do I apply to the graduate programme?

Our vacancies are posted here.

Which area of the business should I apply to work in?

Choosing an area of our business that interests you and aligns to your studies can seem overwhelming. Explore more information about our business units here to see which business unit best suits you and get an idea of the work you’d be doing. Also try our Find your Fit Quiz to see what business units you can apply to based off your academic background. You can also meet our team at one of our upcoming university events to discuss the options available and which pathway might be best for you!

What kind of work will I be doing?

Our graduate roles vary depending on what business unit you are in. For example, if you’re in our Assurance and Advisory team you will be working with a team that advises clients on their accounting systems and controls, ways to improve them and reduce risk. In Financial Advisory, it’s all about working in a team that advises clients on buying or selling a business. Whereas, in our Technology roles, you could be in a team designing new systems or developing IT strategy.

Throughout your graduate training and entire career, you’ll connect with colleagues across different teams to tackle challenges for our clients. As well as gaining a recognised professional qualification, you’ll develop the kind of rounded business skills that will serve you well regardless of where your future takes you. With a focus on technology and the latest digital developments, we approach every client with a clear eye on the future. It’s that vision that enables us to help the biggest businesses make some of their biggest decisions.

As our clients’ businesses grow so will your expertise. You will gain hands-on project experience working with professional and experienced teams. You’ll be encouraged and expected to think for yourself, use your initiative and work collaboratively to deliver pioneering solutions for our clients.

Who are Deloitte looking for?

We are looking for driven individuals who are clear have clear motivation for a career at Deloitte and their academic studies reflect this. We are seeking people who are analytical, confident, self-aware, results orientated and want to develop leadership skills early in their career. We encourage applications from a wide range of disciplines including business, engineering, maths, science, law, technology and arts, amongst others. Our success consistently lies in the fact that we recruit people who look at complex issues through a different lens.

Other requirements include:

  • A high level of self-motivation and commitment
  • The ability to analyse and work through complex problems
  • Flexibility, resilience and intellectual curiosity
  • A proactive approach to work
  • Ability to collaborate and work well within a team environment
  • The ability to learn quickly
  • Demonstrated leadership, creative problem solving and strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to prioritise tasks, work on multiple assignments, and manage change
  • Some relevant work experience (e.g. internships, summer positions, school jobs)

What benefits are available?

  • Bonus scheme: We offer a joining bonus for graduates to help prepare them for their graduate role (half will be paid a few months prior to graduates and the remainder will be paid upon start)
  • Mobile phone packages for all staff
  • Investment in graduates learning and development: We offer 9 professional qualifications you can choose from.
  • If you’re doing your chartered accountancy and/or professional studies, we will financially support both if you’re going into our Audit, Business Advisory or Tax teams. We provide a generous study leave allocation.
  • Southern cross subsidy.
  • Study leave, volunteer leave, cultural leave.
  • 22 days leave (including. birthday leave and Manaaki day).
  • Bonuses for referring a friend!
  • A variety of career pathways to support your interests and development. Your path is open to your design and where you want to go.
  • Social club, outings and sports teams for you to join.
  • Variety of discounts for services and products.

How’s the social life?

We’re a firm with many opportunities to network and meet new people. Aside from our regular team events, you can join societies of all kinds such as netball, touch or football. At Deloitte, everyone’s invited. See what we’ve been up to lately on our Instagram page.

Journey through our Internship and Graduate Programme

Hear from Annabelle Ryan who joined us as a Graduate in February 2022 tell us all you need to know about our Internship and Graduate programme from her personal experience.

Journey to Deloitte

I joined the Tupu Toa programme in the mid-year with the hopes of finding an internship over the summer. The Tupu Toa programme matches Maori and Pasifika students with internships across the country in a variety of roles. I had been selected by my mentor as a good candidate for a Tax and Business Advisory internship down in Wellington. I was then required to submit my CV and cover letter. I later managed to secure an interview with two Associate Directors who wanted to know a little bit more about me to ensure I fit into the office and find out what I had to offer as an intern. It was a very stressful process leading up to the interviews but a lot of it was just psyching myself out. When it came to the interview they were incredibly patient and easy going. In the end of the day, you have gotten this far, they do just really want to know the real you, so try not to deny them of your personality traits/quirks and especially who you are outside your studies/work.


I had never completed an internship prior so this was definitely a new experience. I had various emails/calls with the Wellington team to ensure that I could start working when I was comfortable whether that was online or in person when Auckland initially went into lockdown. I made the decision to start working in person from the initial start date and I had honestly a really amazing time. They start off with the basics with a number of classes with other interns and graduates. Then I was walked through a number of client jobs and by the end of it had completed various works. You honestly do underestimate your abilities often and wonder what you can provide to the team. The fact of the matter is they would not take you on if they did not believe you had the potential. So make mistakes and learn, because it is really the best way to make the most out of your internship and/or graduate role.


Offer of a Graduate Position

While completing my internship, I decided that I did wish to take on a graduate role this year. I had discussions with both management in Wellington and in Auckland over any positions that they would have available for me. This included partners who were incredibly helpful in ensuring I got a position that suited me and even recommended me for a graduate position. To secure a graduate position I had to complete an additional interview and some theoretical client work to demonstrate my skills.


If you had your time again as an intern or a grad, is there anything you’d change?

I think I would’ve definitely let myself off a little bit. You are meant to make mistakes whether it is as an intern or a graduate, it is part of the learning process. As a worker in the business advisory service line you are constantly receiving feedback and guidance. If you walk into the room and you are the smartest in the room. You are in the wrong room. So be comfortable in making mistakes. Just don’t forget to reflect on why you did.


What would be your main advice to students who are coming through the process that not too long ago was you?

Get started on your applications early, try not to leave it until the night before. You definitely have a better chance if you let someone else have a read over your CV and cover letter. Also, don’t rule yourself out of a graduate or internship role if you are not an A+ student. You really will learn everything you need to know on the job. So definitely do apply.


What is your favourite thing about working for Deloitte within Business Advisory?

I didn’t expect to as a graduate walk into a role where I could pursue my particular interests. I have a passion with working with Pasifika businesses and Iwi’s, and even as an intern I was put on jobs where I was working with such clients. It was incredibly fun and rewarding and I definitely encourage you to ask your managers/associate directors for such work. People are really happy to help you pursue work related to your interests.


What is your favourite thing about Deloitte in general?

As cliché as it may be it is honestly the people. I have had immense support whether its been my buddies who have helped me get up to speed on the job or partners who have gone out of their way to work around my personal circumstances.